Friday, October 5, 2012

Holloween Costumes Ideas.

Koba. I see you as a Knight to slay all of the dragons. I want to see both costumes on you first.
Stan I want to see all of those muscles in and out of the Wife Beater Shirt.
Westernstock ( Enhanced Masculinity - Christian Man to Man). for I would like to know the Man behind the mask.
Karl, I know you are a clown at time.
Carol so you can show off the PA.
Sean, you can cover up the part that you are shy in. I would love to unravel the clothe.
Rick of sick Ricko crap. you are full of color.
Rick, (Torn Jeans) May even more with the crotch cut out.
Butch I know you love your leather.
Jon (aka Deep Blue). For I know his loves his cowboy hats and boots.
O!Daddie I can see him laughing at this blog wearing a plaid shirt today. I would love to see him in this costume.
Your lordship, Patrick. For he should never give up his crown.
I will be picking out more for everyone later as well.

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