Friday, September 7, 2012

Lost Another Lawn Man

Here we go again. On Sept 29 the yard man worker busted my transformer that I use on the outside lights to the back yard. I use them for decoration and security. We really did not know it was busted until Friday. Wednesday night the lights went off for several time for about 20 min each time. Thursday morning I had to reset the times to the correct time. Friday the same thing reset the time to the correct time. Friday morning early before I went to work. Remind you have have to be at the Hospital at 06:30 .. I wrote him an email telling him about the damage box. Well I heard nothing from him. Monday I bought the new box. Tuesday I had to put it in. I saw him later that day and told him what I did, all he said was, "I have several at home". Wednesday came back around, did he bring a new box for me, nope.. He came around 20:00 or 8PM almost dark. I had to turn on my lights around the house so they could mow. When I gave him the keys to the back yard . I told him the receipt was in the other envelope and so was his money. Thursday at 06:15 he calls me with a bulling and trying to intimidate me message how he was upset with me for taking the money out of the cost of the transformer. He he basically quit on me. Why do people not honor what they do and take pride in their jobs??? If you brake something of someone- else's replace it. So I am looking for another yard person.

I do hope everyone has a GREAT and Wonderful weekend. Take time and smell the roses.


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