Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sit Down, Very Bad News

I am sorry to say that. Ray's Cowboy Motel is dead. The Investors Pulled Out Before They Fulfilled Their Obligation, Leaving Me Very Unsatisfied. It Was Anticlimax Full. It Was Working Well; Like A Well Lube Machine. No Spit Or Anything Was Needed. Then Came The Bad News. The Investors Said They Would Make More Money By Putting A Starbucks Instead

The said People would Be move fulfilled with that instead of staying at a motel. I told them maybe we could do both. a Starbucks in the motel. They said no. It would not make them allot of money. I said I had people, who already said they want to reserve a room. but no. I am sorry that there will be no Ray's Cowboy Motel, folks.

Now to end a good note. I have been sending people, my spys, into Canada to find out what some of you look like. John, Rick, Koba, and all of you others. One of my Men have found one of you out. I have pictures of Koba now. To show all of you Followers of my blog. Here is Koba showing off to one of my Men. Hope you enjoy.

Now for the rest of you. I am going to get more pictures of what you look like. Then I am off to England to research Karl and Tim. My last stop will be in the land down under, Australia to find His Lordship out. and across America find out Stan, Rick, Butch, LPB, Sean, Ruffy, Carol and the rest. So watch out if someone talks to you.

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